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Aazaad Federation will establish rural players to reach worldwide

Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Ambassador of Sanskrit and the Creator of Movie Aham Brahmasmi, Military school student Maharishi Aazaad, created the international organization Aazaad Federation to bring the talent of rural students to the world stage under the Bhadohi district. The players of Aazaad Sports Club, practicing at Maharishi Aazaad Stadium, Medhi, today distributed dresses to several dozen players of Cricket, Kabaddi, and Athletics according to their play. In the direction of modernizing the players of Suriyawan, there is tremendous enthusiasm for the discussion of this initiative among the people of Suriyawan. There was an atmosphere of happiness among all the players.

The players as well as the parents of the area thanked Aazaad Sir who constantly provided modern facilities to the players. On this occasion, Sanjay Srivastava, President of Uttar Pradesh Zone and Vice President of Uttar Pradesh of Pradhan Sangh said that we are fortunate that we got the leadership of Maharishi Aazaad Sir. In the direction of Maharishi Aazaad Sir, we will search for players through Aazaad Sports Club in the entire state and equip them with modernism and establish them at the state and national levels.

He said that today is also the birthday of our former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, who has achieved great achievement in spite of all the shortages, he is greeted by the Aazaad Federation. Hundreds of citizens of Suriyawan were present, including dozens of players and coach Dipankar Singh.

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