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Senior Most Film Journalist of India Cinema KM Srivastava dies from Corona COVID-19

Maharishi Aazaad, Kamini Dube & The Bombay Talkies Studios pays their heartfelt tribute to the greatest writer and senior most journalist Late Shri Krishna Mohan Srivastava. Legendary Senior Film Journalist of India KM Srivastava died last night due to Corona COVID-19. KM Srivastava was the only writer in the Indian film industry who wrote facts  about the history of Bombay Talkies in his last book Bombay Talkies - The Pillar of Indian Cinema. In his 54 years successful career of journalism, KM Srivastava reached many milestones and duly  uncovered the facts of the film industry in his writings.

Maharishi Aazaad shared his grief towards the sad demise of Shri KM Srivastava. Maharishi Aazaad said, “He always did great work through Journalism. May God give Peace and Power to his family.”

On Demise of Shri KM Srivastava, Sanskrit Bhushan Kamini Dube said, “There are only few journalists in India, who are completely dedicated towards Journalism, one of them was KM Srivastava, his 54 years career is the best example of a Journalist who works day and night to tell people the real stories. Rest in Peace.”

KM Srivastava achieved a three-year diploma from Hindustan, New Delhi, KM Srivastava worked for a while at Dainik Jagran, Kanpur. Later he worked for "Bharat Allahabad", "American Reporter" (Hindi), Delhi, "Divana Tej" in Delhi. His special interest in films brought him to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, apart from "Navbharat Times", "Jansatta", "Sanjha Jansatta", he kept writing regularly in all popular newspapers and magazines of the country. "Noon Ka Saamna", "Sanjha Lokswami", "Indian Reader", "Filmmania Tea Series", along with honorable positions in the editorial department, as well as with popular crime magazines for nearly a decade and a half. He did regular writing for "Manohar" "Stories", "Satyakatha", "Panoramic Stories", "Nutan Stories", India's first film weekly magazine besides "Film Introduction" (1972).

He Published and did rich editing in his writings on multidisciplinary subjects "Manorama", "Meri Saheli", "Sarita", "Mukta", "Grihashobha", "Madhuri", "Mayapuri", "Urvashi", "Ras Natraj", "Dharmyug", "Blitz", "Weekly Hindustan", he continued to write in prestigious national magazines like "Kadambari" for a long time. His writing works were also presented on Doordarshan (Mumbai), with the program titled "Journalist and Law". Krishna Mohan Srivastava also produced a feature film and a documentary which got screened at the "London Art Gallery".

In 1966, Senior Journalist KM Srivastava's first work was published in the popular daily "Aaj" (Varanasi). Since then, he has given special importance to independent journalism. His creative writing continued while being active as a film publicist. He has contributed significantly in honoring Hindi film journalism.

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