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While leaving your children for school, We should follow this habits - Maharishi Aazaad

Maharishi Aazaad gives pointers on how to send children back to school: Keep a mask and sanitizer with tiffin in children's bags, give hot water in the bottle; Know and what important things to keep in mind

  • Do not tell children again and again how to keep them safe in school, but rather ask them what they will do

  • Collect information about the parent-school policy, prepare as before to increase enthusiasm in children

There is going to be a return of children in schools that have been closed for months. Cleanliness is going on vigorously. In the Unlock 4 guidelines, the Government of India has announced the opening of schools for children of classes 9 to 12. After returning to school after such a long time, children can see a lot of changes.

However, parents are worried about sending the children back to school. But the children are excited about returning to school after a long time. In such a situation, let us know what preparation and precautions should be taken regarding the return of children to school.

Repeat Good Habits Learned At Home

Parents have taught children many good habits over the past months. For example, wearing a mask properly, washing hands and taking care of social distancing. According to to Maharishi Aazaad, parents implement these habits from the very first day of school and encourage children to complete them properly.

Prepare for school as before

  • Mahrishi Aazaad says that "the epidemic has taken away much of us, including our routine." As such, you used to prepare for school earlier. Repeat the same methods again.

  • Consider shopping for a new mask for children, so that they are excited about wearing it at school. Make a packing list, as you will not want to forget the hand sanitizer, mask and a water bottle. If you are in the bottle then only give hot water.

Allow children to lead

  • Children already know things like hand cleaning and social distancing. In such a situation it can be annoying to tell them the same thing over and over again. Instead of reminding them, they will question what they should do and let the children take the matter forward. With this, they will be able to do the work better.

  • "Children will begin to understand these goals as they set themselves," says pediatric epidemiologist Jennifer Lighter at NYU Langone Medical Center. If children have any fear in their mind, then understand them. He may be worried about some things after being away from school for months in such strange circumstances.

Make your children aware with you too. Parents should fully understand the school policy with the help of their children's teachers or school website. Make the children aware of this also. For example, tell them that their temperature may be checked when they arrive at school. If the child is afraid of these changes, then tell them that by following these things, they can keep their family and friends safe. Also, avoid increasing the burden of information on them.

Talk to children openly

Maharishi Aazaad asks the children to tell two things about the school at the time of eating. The first is what they are excited about and the second is what they are thinking about. It is a way of knowing the daily situation. By including the teacher's help in this, you can easily find out the position of the child and help them.


Maharishi Aazaad found that it may take a week or a month for the child to get mixed up in school. After completion of this time, consider it as an achievement in front of children. To celebrate this, children can be taken on a treat outside.










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